Saturday, June 17, 2006


Can't Get Enough!

Here's my first 3 dishcloths. I'm already earmarking them as gifts for certain people. These are the first of MANY, I'm sure. I bought a ton of yarn for them! Too bad I am still such a slow knitter...

I've also finished a burp cloth, and am just about done with the matching bib. I'll post them together as a set soon.

I am in love with this book and its projects! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am still a new knitter, and so many of these items are quick and easy. I did attempt the beautiful circular dishcloth a while back, and actually posted about my difficulty with the bobbles. I finally chose to set that particular project aside. Although I'm sure with all of the great advice you gave me, and a little practice, I'll be able to tackle those bobbles with ease very soon! Thanks again to everyone for being so kind, and so inspiring! I love looking at everyone's FOs!

It sounds to me like you are knitting right along at a fine speed. I'm new at knitting and have only been knitting since about March. You will get faster, I have. I did a circular discloth and had trouble with the first bobble but then got the hang of it; the trick, for me, was to relax the tension. But my count was off for the stitches much of the time becuase I kept loosing count, so mine turned out rather wonky, I'm going to do another sometime soon and use stitch markers to help keep track of those first 150 stitches!
well done! im a new knitter too, and they are best things for gifts, these warshrags. everyone loves them, and they all say they dont want to use them. i say use them use them.. Im a knitting machine! keep it up!
I really love the rainbow dishcloth! I've seen a zillion variations of this dishcloth, but never in this color. Beautiful!
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