Friday, June 16, 2006


Dishcloth in light blue and gray

I finished another dishcloth today!

This one is for my MIL, since my DS requested I make one for her.

It matches her kitchen which is in a smoky blue.

I think those of you addicted to knitting these fun dishcloths will probably notice something is missing.

I changed colors from blue to gray a row too early the first time!

I realized what I had done wrong when I changed colors again (from blue to gray) the second time, but not being a Type A knitter, I just repeated my mistakes all the way through.

They still look OK, don't they?

Here it is wrapped up all nice and pretty!

Yarn stats: the blue yarn is a linen 53%/cotton 47% blend, and the light gray is cotton 100%, and I used Clover Takumi bamboo size 6 (3.9mm) needles.

I'm off to block some bibs that I hope to post soon!

Tokyo knitter

I love the colors for this one. My MIL has similar colors, and I think this is my next $3.00 Jo-Ann purchase!
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