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Kimono Question about Rolling Edge

Hello everyone, Thanks for letting me join your KAL. I just love the book and can not wait to start on other projects. I am currently doing the Kimono which I dearly love. I was inspired by NotScarlet with the cute short sleeves and the color. I decided to make one just as the pattern says... go figure the one time I actually decided to follow something I get confused. I love the look of everyones added trims and and different edgings and eyelet rows. I want to try this but since I am fairly new to knitting baby close I have a question please~

Here is my question: I have noticed that several of the Kimonos have a straight edge along the side where the ties are to be placed and other have made the diagonal edge all the way to the bottom edge. How do you get a straight edge that does not roll? With the Increase edge it stops the rolling but when you go the stockingnet stitch rows with out increase the edge starts to roll. Does anyone havea trick for this? Posted by Picasa

Stockinette stitch just automatically rolls unfortunately. Designs which incorporate purl and knit stitches (garter stitch, moss stitch, seed stitch, ribbing, etc.) don't roll. I haven't made the Kimono yet, but I plan to do it in garter stitch. I might do it in stockinette using a moss stitch border. When I do it in st st I plan to make the increases as a make one but on the body side of the decorative moss stitch (3 sts) band. Clear as mud?

Since your kimono is almost done, you might consider picking up sts along the hem edges and knitting or crocheting a border. The other option would be to sew a decorative band of fabric or ribbon to the edges. Decorative fabric used to make matching pants would be really cute . . .
Rolling is the nature of the beast with stockinette. You could leave the bottom roll as a design feature or you could add a knit or crochet ruffle to the hem when you finish.
I'm gonna tell you the same thing everyone else has told you...stockinette rolls. The comment Pamknits left has some FABULOUS ideas for how to resolve that issue. Also, I found that blocking prior to seaming really helped keep mine from rolling on on those edges.

I'm almost done with another modified kimono and just finished a different one last night...both are stockinette and both are rolling. I've got plans to fix that though with some trim/decorative edging.
Thanks everyone for your help on this. I will do this on my next version of the Kimono. Thanks again!
The moss stitch doesn't always work in keeping this flat - sometimes it rolls too. I had this happen with a poncho I did. The only thing that worked was fringe!

One of my friends used a crocheted scalloped edge.
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