Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Add another log to the cabin!

I started the log cabin blanket and so far I'm hooked! I love how it all comes together! It's so easy too - "just keep knitting - just keep knitting" perfectly mindless. I have now taken it out to the car as my "Car knitting" for red lights. Totally defeats any road rage I ma have. If the light turns red right in front of me - no worries - I can just knit another row on my log cabin! Yeah!

Wow, first time I heard of "car knitting"! You are right, that probably is a very good way to calm down, as long as the car isn't moving! I live in Tokyo and I knit on the subway on my way home from work. I guess you don't need to worry about using short needles so as not to poke others! Looking forward to seeing what kind of colors you will be adding to the log cabin!
I always have car knitting! Not only for red lights, but also for waiting while I'm gassing up at the gas station, waiting for the kids to get in the car, anytime I have to wait in line, etc. It always amazes me how much I can accomplish. Right now my car knitting is a bib from MD. Loving it!
i am a car knitter myself! my friends laughed at me because i car i can tell them that i am not the only one that does this! i live in a fairly larger city and seem to sit in traffic more oftn than not. it is a great road rage decreaser! thanks to everyone else that admitted to car knitting! :)
I was a first time car knitter this weekend. I found myself sitting in miles and miles of traffic, so I broke out the needles. It's amazing how fast the time went by that way.
is this cotton?
Knitters LOVE waiting in lines. DMV? Bring it on! Carpool line? no problem! Excruciatingly long t-ball game? Bugspray, yarn and needles and I am good to go.
Knitting brings a whole new perspective to "waiting". I now look for opportunities to wait in line just for an excuse to knit
I am so glad I'm not the only car knitter! I actually try to hit red lights now - it used to piss me off to get stuck - but now I'll slow down deliberately!

Yes - this is cotton... Peaches and Creme
Didn't know anyone else did that! Good to know we're all equally mad (and thereby saved from getting angry :))
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