Monday, June 12, 2006


Felted boxes

I just finished a set of the felted boxes! I made them for my sister's birthday later this month using Lamb's Pride Bulky doubled in Oatmeal, Victorian Pink, Mauve, and Deep Brown on size 13 needles. Here are some pictures:

Pre-felting and weaving in of ends...

I changed color half way through the largest box's bottom...


I noticed what may be an error in the pattern. Side 1 calls for 4 garter ridges before the handle, but sides 2, 3, and 4 call for 3. I knit 4 to be consistent, but the felting process may make it irrelevant.

I was wondering that too about the 4 garter ridges vs 3. I did 4 too to be consistent. My problem - I've run out of yarn on side 4!! I was using stash Cascade 220 and haven't decided yet what to do (buy more and finish, or rip out and make a smaller box). Yours are very nice!
Those look really cute.
Quick question - did you use double strand or single on these? They look great, by the way...
I doubled the Lamb's Pride Bulky. This was a topic of much discussion in my LYS but in the end I went for the larger needles )(not 15s - only 13s) and the doubled yarn. Let me tell you, I used almost all of the yarn making just three boxes. They're good-sized, too, but the walls aren't super-stiff. That may be my front-loading washing machine's specific felting action, though. I've never felted anything before.
The front loader is probably the culprit. Just beg a friend to toss your boxes in a warm load of colored clothes and they will shrink just fine. The older the machine, the better the felt, I say. Also, the more air you start with (size 13s leave less air than size 15s), the more shrinking you'll see. Love them!
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