Friday, June 09, 2006


How's this?

I see what you mean. I like they symmetry of it but the solid green on the left and bottom are a little distracting. I'll keep playing (since I have nothing better to do!) ;-)

Ha ha nothing better to do. But it is fun. You could turn the blocks to make a diamond of the blocks or lightening blocks, kind of a zig zag. I like this too.
I LOVE this version!
Where did you find the neat program that allows you to play with the colors like this? VERY cool.
So far, this version is my favorite! Also, what a great idea to play around on the computer before you start your project!
This is my favorite version-- I like the black much better than the cream-- it adds flair and mystery! Thank you for your comment!
I really like this one and the one with ivory "hearths". Seems like it would be possible to keep playing with the arrangements and NEVER cast on. I look forward to seeing where you land with this.
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