Friday, June 09, 2006


Mitered Squares

Mitered Square, originally uploaded by Mandy K.

As much as I have been wanting to knit from the book, I have been trying to finish some projects I have already started.

My compromise has been to start a mitered square blanket with some Cotton Classic I already had. I am on my eleventh square and have come up with a basic design. I am planning a variation on nine patch, with four squares of skinny stripes, four squares of double-width and with the center to be named later.

This has been the perfect project to carry along and knit when the others get annoying. I am due in the beginning of August and hope to finish this and a matching quilt for by now 21-month-old daughter by the time the new baby comes. Just 25 squares more!

You go girl! Sounds to me like you have a very full plate... more power to you. I love your design... mixing it up! It looks wonderful. Please post the ending project.
Looks great- and I love that you have a plan. Spoken as one who's making it up as it goes along!
I too want to see this 9 Patch done up!

Love the picture. They look like the prayer flags that flutter in Nepal!
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