Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My Moses Basket

OK--Usually I'm the last to knit any cool project. I wait until everyone else has worked through the quirks and problems, and decided which yarn would be ideal. I lurk on every knitalong on the Internet. Not this time! I fell in love with the Mason-Dixon Moses Basket at first sight (in the book), then loved it more deeply when I met Ann and Kay here, in Philadelphia. I made a gender-neutral one for my sister's baby (due in July). I love how it turned out. More photos and details on my blog. Scroll down a little to Sat, June 3rd.

What a lovely basket. All that lace and painstaking stitching! Instant heirloom. Amy
OOOOH! i have a moses basket waiting to be treated like this! :) yours came out so lovely!
this is AMAZING!!!! i am so glad that you shared this with us. it makes me want to make one....but it seems a little intimidating! you go girl!
so very pretty. i'm going to have to make one for my sister in law who is due in december
That's just beautiful! Lucky baby!
Oh my gosh, it's beautiful! If I had enough nerve, I'd move on from warshcloths and make one, too. Nice job!
I hope someone in your family informs this baby when s/he is 25 years old about the time and love that this gift represents. It's a treasure.
I'm absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the beauty of your Moses basket! I'm seething with envy. Must knit that asap! Thanks for sharing.
It's truly an heirloom! Beautiful work.
That's gorgeous! I have really, really been wanting to make that project, but the amount of baby-clock hormones it would generate would just about kill me (and scare the husband to death!).

Thanks for posting!
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