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help with felting

First let me say, I LOVE this book! I spent last week at the beach with some size 7 needles & a few balls of Peaches n Cream & the smaller projects are so gratifying. I just knitted myself content. You are looking at some baby genius burp clothes, a washrag & a few baby bib o' loves. And seriously, for those of you going on vacation - all 3 of these projects are on size 7 needles - same type of yarn - it's so easy. Just take a lot of yarn and some needles & decide what to knit as you go.
As you can probably guess by my projects above - I'm a new knitter & I need some help (from another book..... but you guys are so good I know you can help!) I made the "clutch you'll never give up" from one skein for a friend & felted it - 2 times in hot water taking it out before the spin cycle & it is sooo fuzzy - and it smells kind of like a wet dog - the smell I think I can get to go away - but the fuzz - what do I do about the fuzz??!?! Do I shave it? Please help - this is my first felting attempt & I'd love to make some of those boxes. I used knitpicks Sierra for the yarn if that helps you offer advise. Thanks!

Very nice job on the projects. i agree it is a very addicting book. As far as the felting goes there are different types of yarn that are fuzzier than others. The lambs pride wool is more fuzzy than the Cascade 220. There is also a Cascade that is fuzzy too but can't remember the name of it. It is a very pretty clutch. If it pills up then you can shave it. I hope this helps.
My absolute favorite felting yarn is Lamb's Pride Bulky, and it has a mohair component to it that gives the felted project a yummy halo. However, it comes out of the felting process needing a first haircut to make it useable. I use a battery-powered sweater-shaver to accomplish this and to cut down on the "shedding" with use. I've heard that you can also use those sweater stones. I like the battery powered one, but I tend to burn out the motors fairly quickly! Your purse is gorgeous! Where did the pattern come from? I feel out of the loop!

Your MD projects are beautiful too! Great work!
P.S. The wet dog smell will go away! I've heard that you can use a special wool wash detergent when felting to minimize the smell, but I usually just grin and bear it until the piece is dry and the smell is gone.
Nice handbag! Cascade makes a yarn called "Pastaza" which is 50% alpaca and 50% wool. I love it for felting, and I don't think it needs a shave when it's finished. If you want to, you certainly can shave your bag. But I like the fuzzy muppet look.

PS the smell goes away
Congrats on the fun baby stuff and the fab bag. On the One Skein KAL several people posted that they had to shave their bags. And in the Mason Dixon book they talk about "shaving" but not with your husbands razor. The sweater stone is worth the money if you plan to do a lot of future felting, if not, hit the 99 cent bin of multi razors and enjoy the decadence of flinging that puppy in the trash when it gets dull.
Thank you guys so much for your input! I'm going to get a sweater shaver if I can find one, if not, some razors - there's is some blue jean fuzz in the purse that I definately want gone - the smell was also pleasantly fainter this morning. :)
The pattern for the clutch came from "One Skein: 30 quick projects to knit and crochet" - I got it on - it's mostly knitting :)
Nice bag! I have had the same problem with Lopi. I ended up shaving it down with a clothes shaver. I swear, I had enoughwhen I was finished to spin yarn!!
Don't waste money on a sweater shaver - just use a disposable razor. It will take the fuzz off and you can use it again for pilling or fuzzy spots that come from use. I have one in my yarn drawer, so it in no way gets intermingled with the general toiletries population.

And a thought about the wet wool smell - just like a perm isn't it?! - it really will go completely away after it dries (a good way to check if it really is dry). And if you happen to be caught in a downpour with your lovely bag, don't be suprised if you catch another whiff of it!

Congratulations on a great project!
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