Monday, June 05, 2006


Diamond Pattern Dishcloth

This is a variation of the Ball Band Dishcloth. The pattern is from one of Barbara Walker's Treasuries. I will post it at my blog if anyone wants it. The blue is Lion Brand Cotton the white is Sugar & Cream . I worked it on a size 6 needle, but should have gone up a size as the fabric is very dense. I alternated the white blocks with plain stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch. The plain ss lies flat below the blue, the reverse puffs up above the blue. And it does some interesting things to variegated yarn.

i love that pattern. it's a nice variation on the ball band pattern.
I'd love to have the pattern, as a new knitter these things are's beautifull!
I'd really like that pattern, too. I'm knitting a whole bunch of dishcloths for a niece's shower in July. I want as many patterns as I can find. And this is a great one.

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