Friday, June 02, 2006


Bibs, Bibs, and more Bibs

i have finally been working on baby bibs!!! i just adore the colors that the cotton comes in and you can't beat the price!

the purple and yellow one is sugar and cream violet veil. the second one is the one that i just finished and it is peaches and cream sea mist. i haven't had the chance to put the button on this one yet! i will get to it. the yellow one is peaches and cream daisy ombre. as you can see i have chosen a slight variation on the pattern. i find this easier, but i am always afraid the strap is too long or too short. the babies i am knitting for are not here yet! i had started another one but i frogged it this evening because something went wrong with the cast on that i couldn't seem to fix. hope to get more posted soon! so much fun!!!

I know some hate it when variegated yarns do stuff like this, but I love the zig-zag effect in the last one. Makes you want to shout "super baby!"
I like doing one long strap, too!
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