Thursday, June 01, 2006


First Dishcloth

I LOVE this pattern. Mixed emotions about the color choices - the yellow in the rainbow doesn't quite match the solid yellow the way that I wanted it to. Regardless, I am excited to try using my knitwear - rather than folding it gently, tying it with a satin ribbon, and packing it away in tissue paper (which is my usual tendency).

I think the colorway is great. What is the name of the ombre (multi-colored one). Looks fab!
i think the colors are great!!
Vibrant and beautiful! Don't forget, this yarn mellows and fades, so the colors will meet in the middle.
It looks fantastic to me. I love the festive colors. I am working on my first dish rag and it is coming along. I too love the pattern. Can't wait to see the mitered blocks.
Hey, I think I used those same colors on one of mine! :-D Great minds think alike? hehe
I think that must be Peaches & Cream Fiesta Ombre with a yellow highlight. The only reason I say so is cuz I bought some Fiesta last night with some limey/lemony contrast.
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