Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Finally...a dishcloth...

Over the weekend I "finally" finished my first ballband dishcloth. I had a couple of false starts (really, user error) but had fun with this. It is a perfect project for me know - mindless knitting in the hotel room in the evenings while traveling on a work assignment. I've got several color combos lined up - although I didn't pack enough for this trip & had to buy more yarn.

This one is Sugar'n Cream Hot Blue with the Summer Splash accent.

-Amy Artisan

It is really fun to play with the colors. Even colors we might not ordinarily use, are great is the short spurts of a dishcloth.
I did a bunch in lime green a color that I would usually hide from. But they look so cheery in the kitchen drawer
have fun
Yay! Another traveling knitter! The log cabin and warshcloth are both great...plenty of small yarn amounts, plenty of colours, one size needles!
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