Monday, May 29, 2006


My Favorite Model

Big C models my interpretation of the baby bib. Thanks for the inspiration Dawn! You can also see my log cabin progress at my blogPosted by Picasa

The bib is almost as cute as Big C. He is adorable. I read your blog also and it is great. I love the kool aid dying. Keep up the great work.
How sweet, absolutely love the pix!
I can tell you have put on a few bibs in your time,
your change with the button in front
not only shows off the button much better
but more importantly
the bib is much easier to put on!
Very clever!!!
Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a great job!! Love the colors!
LOVE the big ass green button. And the placement is genius. Thanks for the inspiration!
I love the button in front! May have to try that on my next one...
I did the same thing bafore I saw your post. I love doing the bib that way
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