Monday, May 29, 2006


There have been requests...........

Some people cannot fathom or picture hot pink marble, but folks it is true. It is my life and my mission in life is to work around it. Makes you wonder if the builders of our home found this countertop in the 75% off pile?

What I THOUGHT was an FO is now a UFO because what I THOUGHT was a bathmat is really a placemat. It is sort of like your sideview mirror on your car.........things appear larger than they are when they are on sz. 17 needles? It needs to be a skoosh I will work on it more. I tried it out yesterday morning to test its sqooshiness. Fabulous!!

I love it!!!!!! It's so Barbie marries Elvis. Thanks for posting pics.

Hm...wonder what my hub would say if he came home to a hot pink bathroom and fried bologna sammies for dinner.
I kinda like the Pink Marble - better than the green swirled plastic tiles that were in my bathroom! lol Your matt is coming out great!
Dig it!
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