Sunday, May 28, 2006


the log cabin iPod cozy only the knitter could love

Ok, this is not the world's best iPod cozy. But it went like this.

I grabbed some knitpicks wool and decided to try the log cabin pattern. I didn't have anything particular in mind when I did it, so I wasn't too worried about size or guage.

I ended up with this square (well, sort of) and then wondered what to do with it. I finally ended up sewing up the sides into a rectangle, adding a loop and a single crochet border, and threw the whole thing in the washer.

The result is below. I didn't block it very well, so it's rather oddly shaped. But it's nice and thick and sort of homey looking. LOL

I think its awesome!!!! Thanks for posting.
I love the ipod cozy! creativity is what it's all about- and you definitely have it. Great job!
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