Friday, May 26, 2006


Moderne Baby Blanket Taking Over, Video at Ten

My Moderne Baby Blanket is knitting up HUGE! I'm only halfway through the gray stripe at the top, and I still have the two big half-and-half blocks left to go! I will admit that I did NOT check my gauge after deciding to substitute yarn, but I just thought it wouldn't matter anyway since it's not a garment. I'm wondering if it's going to end up being crib-blanket sized or twin-bed sized! Oh well, onward and outward!

I love your color scheme! Very moderne indeed...

Have fun with it - I do envy all of you guys doing one big blanket - mine's 12" blocks, I have a long way to go with the knitting yet, and I still have to sew all the blocks together at the end.

REALLY like the green - much more fun! And don't fret about the size - toddlers and little folks love their blankies more than babies, so a big baby blanket just means it will get loved longer!
Fabbo blankie - And I have a question - mine (which isn't as pretty as yours, dang it)has the same little issue that yours does - the left side is drawing up shorter - to the point where I took out the long white (on yours) section and reknit the ##!$* thing. It is STILL shorter.

Yours isn't as obvious as mine, and I may be obsessing over nothing which isn't unusual -

Will it fix itself when we add the section below, do you think?

I really think that adding the half-and-half blocks at the bottom will even out the "pulling" on the left side. I'm not sweating it at all. Don't frog anymore of your blanket! I absolutely forbid it! lol Seriously, I think it will be fine.
wow that is sooo pretty! i have been sitting right next to you while you make this and just now realized how big it has gotten! onward!
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