Thursday, May 25, 2006


yarn question - any advice?

Looking to make the Moderne Baby Blanket (currently in the process of making the moderne lob cabin blanket)and want to find a replacement yarn as the pattern calls for Rowan Calmer - trying to find something that can be washed (Calmer is hand wash only)as this will be used for a baby and also a yarn that is a bit less expensive than the Calmer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

you could use rowan cashsoft dk or cashcotton dk, or debbie bliss' cashmerino dk as they are all extremely soft and washable. however my pick would be claudia hand paint sport weight. She uses louet sales gems, which is a machine washable & dryable merino. And so many different color combos.

I was looking for something less expensive, too. I found 4 shades of organic colorgrown cotton at The owner is very responsive, answered many questions, and shipped fast. I think she's away for 2 weeks, however. Total bill for the yarn was $32. She says this yarn is washable and the color gets deeper with washing.
I had similar concerns about the authors' yarn selection, and I'm on a T-I-G-H-T yarn budget right now (living the life of a poor fulltime graduate student). I used Caron Simply Soft because of its cost, its immediate availability, and the vibrant colors it comes in. I had very specific ideas about the color scheme I wanted to achieve. If you would like to see my Moderne Baby Blanket, I've posted pictures on the Knitalong. I'm working it in black, white, grey, and apple green. Good luck with yours!
I'm a big fan of KnitPicks Shine in worsted weight. Its machine washable, feels very soft & cottony but is 60% cotton/40% modal. Reasonably priced, and despite the name, not shiny.
Just read the reply about KnitPicks Shine - and I had to chime in! It's wonderful!! Feels great and beautiful colors! I highly recommend it!
I've used Cascade Sierra for baby blankets. the label doesn't say that it can be machine wash/dried, but I have and it holds up great. It does shrink abot 1/2 stich per inch the first time it's dried, so I always knit it just a little loose.

I've considerd Shine, already mentioned. I think it would work great but I've stuck with Cascade Sierra because of the larger skeins (less ends to weave!). Good luck, I'm sure it will be lovely.
Hi, thanks for your question...the answers given were very helpful to me as well!
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