Wednesday, May 24, 2006



Eee! My good friend from college told me last night that she and her husband are trying to have a baby, and I am so excited I have to tell someone, so I'm posting here! (I cannot tell MIL, since she'll get ideas about DH and I, and we are no way ready for that!)

This is perfect, someone else's baby for me to be excited about, and even better, knit things for! I definitely see a Moderne baby blanket in my future, and maybe even booties, since mom mentioned she thinks they're adorable...And since they aren't pregnant yet, I have plenty of time to stockpile yarn. Sweet.

(More personal news, we've selected our apartment complex in Indy, and we're ready to start...going about...whatever it is you do to rent an apartment. We gotta be there for school in August.)

Amber, if you are new to Indy there are some great yarn shops... most especially Mass Ave Knit shop. And Ann and Kay are coming there in June!!!! I am so excited.
I love Mass Ave Knit Shop and Susan and her team are great. Ann and Kay will be there June 10 and Jo Sharp is there June 13. I used to shop there when I visited my brother but he has moved. Best of luck in Indy,
Thanks, Cindra and Beth!

I am excited to see Ann and Kay are coming...I don't think we'll be moving until July or so, but maybe I can finagle an apartment shopping trip or something and go see them :)
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