Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My first FO in knitting...

A Warshcloth! I have attempted several items. This was my first finished item. Followed by a hat -- which I finished knitting before I finished the warshcloth, but I didn't actually finish before I finished the warshcloth! :) It was good to learn to knit, purl, slip stitch, cast on, bind off... what to do with the colorful string was not readily apparent, but I just cut it long and wove it in, as I would have done with my crochet, and that seemed to work.

Now to figure out something else to do... because, as much as the warshcloth was a good practical, learning tool, I found it a bit boring after a time.

I love the colors!!!
Great first project!
Super colors! Is that Peaches & Creme?

It is Peaches and Cream and I've had it hanging around for about 3 years in the stash. I was in a crochet dishcloth exchange for a bit. The band says Rainbow as the color, but I'm not sure I'd call it that!

My son said it looked like a brick wall - which the red sort of does -so I don't know where Peaches and Cream folks see their Rainbows, but they must be pretty dark! :)
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