Monday, May 22, 2006


Baby Kimono and Sizing

I belong to a knitting discussion forum, and I've been raving about the book and its many, many temptations! A couple of the members in the forum asked me to pose a question to all of you who have knitted the baby kimono. Did you have any reservations with the size of the finished product (if you knitted it as directed in the book)? Someone mentioned to me that the warshrags shrunk a lot with washing, and the forum members were worried about the kimono shrinking as well since they are made with the same yarn. A friend of mine knitted the baby kimono, and it was pretty tiny even before washing. In fact, we were worried that it might not fit a newborn baby at all (especially a big baby). Does anyone have any thoughts about the baby kimono, its sizing, etc?

Thank you so much for all your insightfulness and help!

I thought the same thing. My mother knitted a few out of Caron Simply Soft for a friend of hers who had triplets. Just to test the shrinkage factor, I made one out of the cotton. We put these puppies through the washer AND dryer (remember: TRIPLETS) The Simply Soft grew a little and really softened up, but the cotton got stiff and shrank pretty badly. It should be fine in the cotton for an *average* newborn to come home in and maybe wear once or twice.
I, too, am worried about the sizing. I followed the directions and ended up with a small kimono. Other books have confirmed that "newborn" size is about a 16 inch chest. I made mine out of Merino wool, so if it shrinks and felts...doll clothes? Good Luck!
Hi, Tara! I made a kimono for my own son who at birth weighed in at 9lbs, 10oz and the sizing was fine even after washing (and tumble, not high heat, drying). True, like most newborn-sized outfits, the kimono is not going to get tons of use because the baby grows so quickly in the first weeks, but once you've figured out your gauge, it's easy to make proportionally bigger sweaters as the baby grows. By the way, for warm weather babies I have also made this little garment without sleeves just to keep the little heart and trunk warm.
Up until this point, I have only made scarves. I am so excited about the kimono pattern, but I am confused when it gets to knitting on the two front pieces. Do I take the left side off the needles complety and then just come back to it, or do I keep it on the needles and do everything at once? I feel silly for asking, but I really am enjoying working on this and don't want to screw it up.
I wish I could give you an answer about knitting the kimono, but I've not knitted one myself. It's only been through friends that I have seen it in person. I'm sorry! I would suggest posting your question on the Knitalong, and I'm sure you'll get some great answers.
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