Sunday, May 21, 2006


I'm new - my plans

Hi everyone,

I'm Mary from Virginia, and I love this book! (Why does that sound like an intro for a 12-step program?)

I'm working on my second warshcloth. I'll try and post pics later.

I've also bought the yarn for a Nina shawl:

The green and blue (though in real life its more of a mint green than the pic looks) will be the stripes and the black & white will be the checkerboard, with the black as the ruffles. I had actually started it, but I've ripped it out to make a change. I'm going to make the 5-stitch garter edges all in the black. I hate changing yarns at the end of a row on something that won't be seamed - the edges never look perfect to me. This will allow me to make all the color changes a little in from the edge, and I think the black frame all around will look nice.

I'm also thinking of ripping out this old UFO and using the yarn for a log cabin afghan:

This was to have been Native, a Kim Hargreaves design from a Rowan magazine. I got about 12 inches into one piece and stalled. It would be slow going. I think the colors would be a nice log cabin, and I'd probably get it done quicker and use it more that way. The yarn is handknit DK cotton.

I've really been enjoying seeing everyone's projects and I'm happy to be here!

*in unison* Hi Mary...
Let's face it. We're all addicts! Can't wait to see your Nina shawl and I agree.. those colors would make a great log cabin.
Love your Nina shawl colors -- hope it goes well!

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