Saturday, May 20, 2006


More Dishcloths!

Loved these dishcloths when I saw them and now I'm addicted to knitting them. The yellow one is for my mother who loves them too. She doesn't knit so has requested a couple more in different colors. I've bought enough Sugar and Cream to drive up Lily's stock! (No Peaches and Cream to be found around here.)

I bought hemp yarn to make handtowels today. The directions call for Euroflax linen, but I love the colors and will give these a try.

HEY!! I've been on a mad search for hemp yarn and havent been able to find it! what brand is this, and where did you buy it - if you dont mind me asking? those colors are gorgeous...and your washrags are pretty darn cool too:)
I got it at StitchDC, but they're out of most of the colors and have no plans to reorder. You can also get it at

It comes in two sizes; I bought #101 allhemp 3.

thanks for your kind words!
Cristina: I forgot to add that the hemp hanks I bought are 150 yds each and the MD washcloths require almost double that, so you may need to order two hanks.
I like the hemp - the colors look like jewels. Thanks for posting the yarn info.
Ava: thanks for pointing me in the right direction....coincidence has it that I'll be travelling to D.C. tomorrow for a week...I'm sooooo hitting up StichDC. Thanks!!
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