Thursday, May 18, 2006


New Warshrags for a New Place

My husband-to-be and I just found out that we are moving in a couple of weeks. I am very excited about finally getting out on our own. After we got the news, I ran out and got way too much yarn for dishcloths, blankets, pillows, rugs. . .*rambles on about things to knit* I'm also making a "memory cover" for a really ugly, but FREE, arm chair out of swatches. I only have about 20-30 so far. Mom says that I need to do a log cabin square for the seat back, to mark meeting Ann and Kay. I'm also using some things from when I learned to crochet, but they'll need to be backed with some type of fabric. I'll get pictures of the progress up sometime in the next week, if we're not too busy. ^_^

I also found my size 8 dpns, hiding behind the dresser. I'm wondering if I can do without the circular needle for the fancy warshrags if I use all 5 dpns. My mom says that I would go crazy with all of the stitches constantly falling off of the needles, but I think I may know a way to make it work.

Off to knit more warshrags!

Hey there. I'm doing much the same thing actually, re: covering a fabulous free chair. Once I have photos to upload I'll make a post. I made a 4 color log cabin thing for the back and am going to line and stuff it lightly. And a set of 4 plain mitred squares in the same colors for the seat. Stripes were just too...stripey.
Congrats on your new home! It is so exciting to think about all the new things that you can create to make this house a home! you and your hubb-to-be will have such fun designing and decorating!
I'm doing the same thing right now - my boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment in August. I'm working on a blanket, warshcloths, and the boxes. I'm dying to see that chair cover, though, how resourceful of you! :) Good luck!
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