Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Dishcloths and blankets!

Now that I've finally gotten the book, I've spent all my free time buying cotton yarn and knitting dishcloths - which is exactly why I delayed purchasing the book for so long :-P I made my first one on size 8 needles, which were all I had, and of course it turned out more like a demented trapezoid than a square. But my kitchen doesn't care! The one I am working on now looks much better, especially because of the yummy orange sherbert ombre I found. I don't have any pics just now, because I'm just that lazy.

What I'm really turning over in my head are the blankets. Must. Knit. Blanket. I think I want to start with the Moderne blanket, using the Silky Wool, but I prefer the layout of the baby moderne, so I'm trying to get my head around how to make it the size of the big one. Even have the colors picked out - an oceany-Key West theme - if I can ever afford to actually purchase enough of it!

Glad to join the blog, and thanks for providing my daily entertainment! (I don't have much to do until I return to grad school in the fall...and of course, moving there...but who needs to look for apartments when they can knit blankets?)

Hi Amber,
Webs has the Silky Wool on sale - check out

Oooo - thanks!
amen sister! knitting is way better than grad school-i am there now! we knit during our makes them so much better to sit through. can't wait to see pics of what you are working on. where are you going to grad school? for what?
You actually knit through your classes? I was soooo tempted when still in undergrad...never did it though!

I finally put it in my profile yesterday; I'm going for a Master's in Geology at Indiana U-Purdue U Indianapolis. Dunno what I'm gonna research, since my BS is in Biology and English; Hillsdale was too small for geology, and I lemminged on halfway through anyway.
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