Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Introducing the "I Love Koigu Log Cabin Blankie"!!

There are three of us knitting our Log Cabin Blankies out of Koigu on #4's. My sister and I chose our favorite Koigu colors--and have gone to town! Our third partner in crime is making one out of the beautiful cool and warm colors of Koigu. We just keep remarking to each other how much we love Koigu and how wonderful the colors look knitted in garter stitch. I have scanned a picture of the center of my blankie. Thanks Ann and Kay, we love you!! Sara in AL

I think I love it! I may have to restrict my access to this website... I have too long a list of "must have" yarn. Post pictures of the other log cabins, too! Please, Please!!!
I have lots of small balls of Koigu which I bought several years ago at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival at a great price, and have used very little. What an amazing idea - and I love the look of your log cabin. Could you post a picture of more of it??? Size 4 needles huh? Yep, I have those.
I'm soooooooo jealous! I've been wanting to knit something with Koigu for a long time now and can't seem to find this yarn. Your LC looks great! I like it very much. Can't wait to see its progress. Keep us posted!
This is the best use of Koigu I've seen in a long time, it lets you appreciate all that color beauty without getting them all mushed together. Inspiring!
OK, NOW I know what I'll do with Koigu left over from socks. This is great! And it's pushed me over the edge on whether or not to make a log cabin.
Hi Monika, I wanted to tell you where I bought my Koigu yarns. When Ann and Kay were in Huntsville, Alabama for their book signing, at Yarn Expressions, they called Meg's Koigu--"the wall of Koigu". Meg is the store owner, and she has tons of it. She might be able to help you pick some out, and then email a picture to you of the skeins all next to each other. She is really an expert in color, knitting, and technique. So,I found the colors I really love, Meg layed them out on a white board, and then we decided which looke good together and which didn't belong. Hope this helps, Sara in AL

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