Monday, May 15, 2006


Slow going

Yea! I'm on the fourth color!! I thought the 36 garter ridges on the 3rd color were going to kill me. Yes, easy knitting but a little boring. The thought of adding the next color kept me going though. Now just need to do another 36 garter ridges...

This is definitely for movie watching or this week watching the season cliff hangers of Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal and all of the other addicting television programs. It looks wonderful and will be soooo worth it.
Love the colors.
And on another note, the cliffhanger of Grey's was great for knitting last night!
Your colors are going to look great when it is finished!
Thanks everyone! Wish I could catch all your tv knitting requests but I'm in the UK! We don't get the new episodes of US shows until about 4-6 months after you.

Right, off to garter stitch now but still dreaming of more mitred squares!
Great colors - am hoping to start one this summer in alpaca may have to copy your color palette!
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