Monday, May 15, 2006


Finished Log Cabin BABY!

If there were rules, this log cabin blanket would break them. I started it before the book came out, after seeing the one in the blog. It is made out of leftovers from all kinds of projects: mittens for my nephew, my brother-in-law's scarf, the afghan in the guest room, my husband's hat, etc etc. I didn't buy any yarn for this project. The yarns vary a fair amount in thickness and fiber content, but blocking made it more or less work out. Mostly wool, on size 10 needles...all in the sort of murky, slightly subdued colors I like. The finished size is about 36" square. Just to add a layer of funkiness, the center square is crocheted.

AWESOME!!!! Who needs rules when you can make something that pretty without them :)
Great stash buster! The colors look great together.
Breaking the rules is when it becomes art! It looks wonderful!
Simple beauty! Great job.
That is gorgeous!
I love it! The colors are gorgeous :)
Wow, that is gorgeous.
Your blanket looks great! You are so lucky to be done with it already! I'm still knitting away on mine, seems like the never ending story....;o)
Very very cool!!
Brilliant! Exactly what's so great about the whole masondixon thing: creativity and cleverness!
it is funny to me how great the colors we choose for totally different projects can look so great together. beautiful!
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