Sunday, May 14, 2006


More Warshrags

Hi! This is my first KAL and I'm enjoying seeing what everyone has made. Mine are also for Mother's Day:

I also have a question about the felted boxes - does anyone have trouble with them being VERY FUZZY? Like, 1" long strands of fiber sticking out everywhere? Like Jim Henson made them?


Hi there, I've felted with Lopi and had this problem. You can "shave" it, if you like. I don't use Lopi anymore. Have fun knitting, Monika
I'm guessing it depends on the yarn you use -- Cascade 220 has the least fuzz for me, and Brown Sheep (Lamb's Pride) has a little bit.

I wonder if the method of felting also makes a difference. I run mine through a top-loading washer.
That's the mohair content of Brownsheep. Somecolors are worse than others - (esp browns). You can shave it with a sweater shaver or just a cheap razor (works best and quickest) Galway or Cascade 220 or anything that's 100% wool won't be nearly so fuzzy.
If you felt yours for a LONG time as I do, and you use LP Bulky, you will have fuzz. That 15% mohair will show itself. However, if you felt less time, you get less fuzz.
But Amyde is right, different colors shed differently. I have felted a zillion projects in LP bulky and they all get fuzzy to one degree or another. You will notice that Kay does not felt the life out of her boxes...just gently felted. I beat the tar out of mine and they are HAIRY! I will use a razor, just not my husband's.
Thanks, everyone. At least now I know it wasn't something I was doing. I used two strands of Lamb's Pride worsted - hence the fuzzy.
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