Friday, May 12, 2006


Mother's Day for Mother-In-Laws

Mother's Day is tomorrow. I have yet to get ANYTHING for any of the mothers in my life, but the gift I am stressing over the most is the one for my mother-in-law. I'm thinking about making her a fancy washrag in white and a goldish/ mustardy color from my stash (I'm not going to go buy MORE Peaches 'n' Cream for my MIL, I have enough thank-you very much).The bobble band is going to be the goldish as well as the center, with the majority of the cloth in white. I may gather it with a gold ribbon from my sewing box. I haven't gotten that far yet. Yes, there will be soap-a-plenty and a picture of the wonderful grandchild, but I'm afraid that she will hate the colors and that this will overshadow the other part of the gift. She's just. . . that way.

I've frogged both attempts at the log cabin for my daughter. The squares are coming out very lumpy and gross looking. I want this blanket to be something that she gives to her first born and so on and so on until the end of time; not something she looks at when she's a mother-to-be and shudders. Is anyone else having this problem? BTW, Cindra, that blanket is going to be GORGEOUS. The effect of the ribbon is very lovely. ^_^

Off to find a non-broken size 8 circular. Wish me luck.

Thank you for your kind comment. As you, I want it to be perfect because it is a gift. Speaking as a MIL, I will tell you that any gift that someone has taken the time and effort to make is always appreciated and ooohed and aaaahed over. In the card tell her how you wanted to give her something fron your own hands to show how her how important she is in your family's life. If she doesn't like it than she is not worthy of it. I wouldn't even think about that result, instead think about the effort and wishing to please that went into it... that's the important part... that's your part.
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