Friday, May 12, 2006


Log Cabin help...

I'm working on a Log Cabin warshrag and the back looks terrible... I have lumps and ridges from where I pick up stitches. I'm thinking perhaps I should make two and sew them back to back to save this project. Any suggestions on how to pick up stitches so it looks good or is this the nature of the beast? There's a photo of the front from yesterday in my blog it's a little bigger today!

Cool! I love green! Maybe you could just sew some cool cotton fabric on the back to cover up the bumps. Or a potholder would be nice, too.

I had the same problem when I first learned how to pick up stitches. Here's a video that helped me learn how to improve... (You'll have to scroll down a bit. The example is on stockinette but it'll help you get an idea.)

When I pick up on the side edge of a garter stitch piece, I stick my needle under the strands of yarn that stretch between the garter ridge "bumps". Not into the bumps themselves. On the cast-on/cast-off edge, I do the same thing that the video shows.

I've posted a pic of the back of mine here:
Do the stitch pick up with a much smaller needle. On the first worked row, use the needle you have been working with. This will eliminate the loose stitch look.
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