Thursday, May 11, 2006


Mitering goodness

Hi! My name is Laura and this is my first joining of a knitalong. I've begun a mitered square blanket with the no-sew modifications. I've only got two blocks done, but I was determined not to sew. I ended up picking up stitches and using the 3 needle bind off but with a smaller needle. I'm knitting the squares in US 6 and used US 3 to bind off. The seam isn't noticeable when the blanket is slack, but does show a bit when pulled. Here's my progress so far:

second square

It looks awesome. I love it.
Laura...I think your mitered squares look awesome! I have been collecting cotton to make one of these blankets for what seems like forever! Now that Kay has unveiled her "no sew" or "a lot less sew" method I'm ready to start!!
I love your colors and it looks wonderful. I think I need to knit a few more projects/years before I tackle the no sew version. The sewing doesn't bother me as much as trying to understand how not to.
Wow that looks beautiful. Love the colors. My brain is still trying to sort the no/almost no sew method.
Thanks! You guys are so supportive :)
Your color choices are great! Are you using the Tahki Cotton, or another yarn?
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