Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My MDK Projects!

I am so thrilled to see everyone else's projects from my favorite knitting book! In browsing through the knitalong, I was inspired to join and post my own triumphs! I hope you enjoy!

The bibs and burp cloth I knitted for a baby shower for one of my graduate school instructors. I was SO pleased with the way they turned out. The Moderne Baby Blanket is my current work-in-progress, and I'm making it to stash away for myself. I've wanted for sometime to design a nursery in black and white toile accented by apple green, and this was my inspiration for my color choices. I'm getting close enough to being done with it that it's just nagging, nagging, nagging for me to work on it 24-7. I'm nearly there!

Thank you for reading!

I love your baby things! I just started a bib last night (my 6-month-old niece is visiting next week) and I'll be going back to Hobby Lobby today for some more colors. It's so fun to play with all the color options and quick projects. Good luck on finishing the blanket!
beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous! i love them all! i can't wait to see the blanket completed!
i LOVE those star buttons - too cute!!!
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