Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Sugar & Cream

AC Moore has the motherlode of vibrant colors and ombres (sp?) I loaded up, and at the register, the lady behind me said " You must have a copy of Mason Dixon Knitting ." Fingered at the register. She had a cart full too, so we chatted about the patterns and the insane desire for washcloths circa, Lucy and Ethel. Ann and Kay have a lot to answer for.
The price is good too, $1.79. I think they must have had a sale going on. Also found a metal size 6 needle. Hopefully the knitting will get easier with this needle.
If you have one in your area you might want to get the coupon from either their website or the newspaper. I forgot mind.

Ahhh the metal needle -- did it make a difference -- I did 2 pattern repeats on the warshcloth last night but hated doing it so much with my needles I frogged the whole thing -

But good news I just DID it and it made sense - even though I was so dense reading the instructions -
Does anyone know if Sugar & Cream is the same as Peaches & Cream that is mentioned in the book? Sugar & Cream is very available around here, but I've never seen Peaches & Cream.
I have some of both and they seen the same to me. They both kint up at the same gauge. I think I found a few Peaches & Cream at Wal-marts but no place else.
The metal circulars work better for me. The straight needles drive me nuts. I am so use to circs I have a hard time with other types of needles. But someone told me that acrylic needles work well too. I could only find them in really big sizes.
The cotton thread seems to grab onto my plastic needles. Maybe I need to go up a needle size, but I am getting gauge with the size 6. Better leave well enough alone :D
Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Cream knit at about the same gauge, but I find that the Peaches & Cream is a smoother and more tightly plied yarn. Walmart has P&C, but the color selection is rather weak. Does anyone know if any other retailers carry P&C?
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