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Aloha all!
Started the baby kimono yesterday, so cute I feel I will go into sugar shock! Some questions:
1) Anybody else wonder if the "6 rows" on the upper back were 6 rows total or 6 RS rows? I did both and opted for the 6 RS rows, but was I alone in this confusion?
2) Anybody put this on a newborn baby yet? I am making one exactly to the gauge in the book, and it just seems so tiny. If the baby will fit it, y'all think the baby has, what? Couple weeks in it?
3) Am I going to run out of yarn? (heh: the eternal question!) I am making it newborn size, and I have 217 yards. Has anyone made it with the 244 yards in the book? And if so, did you use both balls of yarn in their entirety? (I'm so running out, yes? Better rip out my swatch now.)
I'm making this with Merino wool for a yet unborn, gender-indeterminate baby of my former college roommate. I fear I have doomed a new mom to handwashing wool and tying little orange ribbons! (I figure it is payback for numerous roommate crimes that I won't get into here...)
Took Suzann's suggestion to do the yarn over two stitches in: Great idea!
I am thankful and amazed at the amount of knitters out here working on these patterns. You all are amazing, creative, enthusiastic inspirations to me.
Thanks for any advice!

I want to make this also. Yours looks great. I can't wait to see the finished product.
It looks great. I am pretty sure it will fit a newborn. Remember garter stitch stretches like mad.
Pretty color.
I just finished the k2tog Yo hem on one side. Then I did about 4 rows of garter stitch so it wouldn't be too droopy. I think it looks nice.
I finished the left half last night, and I, too, completed your eyelet pattern down the side with YO K2Tg. It really was a great idea and looks super cute.
I'm also making this kimono pattern, and I actually sized it up a bit because my stepbrother and his wife tend to have large babies and I was worried about it being too small. I'm kind of estimating how much bigger I should make it, and I'm hoping it works. I have 3 balls of Sugar and Cream, and I'm hoping that's enough. I don't know if that helps at all...
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