Monday, May 08, 2006


Log cabin variations

I am so happy to see all the gorgeous projects that everyone is working on! I especially love the Log Cabins (I've always been a sucker for that pattern). After getting the book, I immediately cast on for an off-center variation which isn't mentioned in the book, but definitely worth knowing about IMHO. Mine is done from mostly stash DK weight cotton (I confess I bought some cotton from Elann - only 6 balls so far though). To date this blanket includes Patons Cotton DK, some Rowan Handknit Cotton & Cotton Glace, some Wendy DK, some John Lewis DK cotton/viscose blend and whatever else I can get my hot little hands on.

This picture is the 4 squares I have completed so far put together with the cool colors touching. You can get really cool effects by changing around the placement of the blocks in other configurations.

My particular Log Cabin is being worked on 3.00mm needles. (I thought they were more like 3.75 when I started the blanket - start a project in haste and repent at you leisure!) Each square is approximately 12" square and weighing in at around 85 grams.

This started off being worked just like the directions in the book except that I worked all the "cool" colors with 4 garter ridges - the "warm" colors have 7 garter ridges, which ends up giving you this great illusion of having curved pieces, at least it does if I can ever get enough of these together! Then I decided that binding off stitches just in order to pick up and knit stitches from there was a bit silly, so I've been using DPN's to hold stitches - more pics on my blog if anyone's interested...

I sure hope everyone out there is having as much fun with this as I am!!


I am planning to do 36 squares, I want a bedspread for my Queen size bed... We'll see if I can finish it in this lifetime. Each square takes me something like 12 hours to complete.

oh lordy--that is just beautiful!! very inspirational (here I go, off to start my own log cabin!)
That's gorgeous!
Yeah Abi, I made it. My first KAL! Log Cabin still looking good; hope your needles are burning! I'll be checking back to see more. ;o)
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