Sunday, May 07, 2006


Where to Begin?!

Hello everyone! I'm a beginner, and this is my first KAL! I'm trying to decided which project to start with. As you can see from the photo, I already have the yarn for the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono and for the Moss Grid Hand Towel. When I signed up yesterday, I was thinking I would start with a baby bib, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't beign with a Ballband Dishcloth. The dishcloth pattern scares me a little when I read "slip one purlwise" and "yarn forward." What do you think?


Dont be scared of the dishcloth!
"slip one Purlwise"...means:
take your right needle, stick it in the first stich on the left needle (the way you would purl, with your needle pointing downwards) and just transfer the stich on to your right needle. Your not knitting it, your just moving it from one needle to the other.
"yarn forward" means:
right now your yarn is in the back of your work. grab the yarn with your hand and move it (in between the 2 needles) to the front of your work. Voi la! Easy. Come back for more help if you need it.
Go for the dishcloth!! It's cool, instant gratification (almost!) and people will be very impressed with you!
Katy -- I'm feeling the same thing on the dishcloth - I even bought the yarn to do it -- I understand the slip one Purlwise but I am still stuck on the Yarn forward - guess I will just have to do it so I see what the heck it means. As a new knitter I do that A LOT...
Thanks for the explanation Cristina! That's so easy! I'm going to buy the yarn for the dishcloth tomorrow morning.

Rho, can you see Cristina's comment? The first comment on my post. She explains yarn forward. Let me know if you can't see it.
I was scared of the yf and yb too, but it was really simple...honest.
Don't be scared... the more mistakes you make, the more you learn by fixing them. I am a beginner, but I have found that it is never as hard as it sounds.
Slip stitch patterns are a lot of fun, and they always look more complex then they are. This is a really good pattern to learn slip stitch with. Later on you can do all kinds of designs, just by slipping certain stitches. Trust me. I once thought they would be difficult. And once you slip a stitch with the yarn in the wrong place you will notice it right away.
And if you make a mistake and the yarn is in the front when it should have been in the back, well on the row back you can just slip it strand of yarn where it belongs.
Try it on a smaller square and you will see how much fun these types of patterns are.
The bib and the Kimono are both easy garter stitch. You can do it :)
I think this project is great for a beginner. It'll really build your confidence for reading a pattern.

Plus, it's cool to make something that you can enjoy every day!
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