Friday, May 05, 2006


Spring time Ballband done!

Yay - I finished my first pattern from the book and its the Ballband Dishcloth....which I love!

I made it using the recommended Sugar N' Cream yarn (cream color) and the green is Cotton Chenille by Crystal Palace. Thanks for your help Liz - I was a little confused with the yarn carrying and Liz cleared it up!

I liked this pattern b/c just like the book said, it looks a lot more complicated then it actually is.

I added some matching dishcloth cloth that I picked up at the fabric store to turn it into a pot holder (well, I'll use it to protect the table from hot dishes - what the heck are those called?).

Now...on to the Log Cabin Baby to come!

Looks great! I just finished my first one also. Isn't it awesome how they look a whole lot harder than they really are?
I sent ya an e-mail to join up. I think after my blog entry today, the signup was inevitable!
A hot pad...

Looking good too!
Trivets! That looks great - love the backing.
Chenille/cotton combo! Love it! And your backing is beautiful.
Is Sugar and Cream the same as Peaches and Cream? Sugar and Cream is very common around here, but I've never seen the Peaches and Cream that the book mentions.
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