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Hi All!!

Thanks for the enthusiasm & inspiration you all have shared through the KAL so far.

As you may have noticed - Blogger has made some updates to the site. This effects the KAL because our site is HUGE.

This is what it means:

1. The Mason Dixon KAL is on the OLD Blogger version

2. If you are a member of the KAL you will NOT be able to migrate over to the NEW version. You will need to "unsubscribe" to move your blog over to the new version.

3. If you are a member of the NEW version - you will not be able to become a member of the KAL because we're too big (bummer, I know!!)

4. At this time, because the new vs. old blogger version has become so complicated, I will only be able to honor requests to "unsubscribe" so that you can migrate over to the new version if you choose.

5. The KAL is closed TEMPORARILY to new members. I'm sorry I have to do this, I tried my best not too, but this new Blogger has created a very time consuming task of keeping up with "unsubscribe requests" for me & I'll have to take a break from adding new members for a little while .

6. I will announce a re-opening for new KAL members as soon as I'm able to. Keep in mind that to join, you need to be a part of the old Blogger version.

Thanks for understanding, & I'm sorry it has to be this way ~ it wasn't my choice.


so no one will be able to post here anymore?? do we have to unsub here and resub on new blogger to look at and post to this blog?? Sorry for the questions I am just conused(doesnt take much I have a migrain headache) and dont wanna miss any KAL action LOL
i'm not sure how to unsubscribe, but i guess i need to so i can figure out a way to move my blog over to the new version. so could you pls unsub me for the time being and note that i'm not a new member so i can resubscribe when my blog is changed? thx!
Hi there:

Cristina, thanks for all of your hard work.

I understood the issue to be that if you have changed to the new (beta) blogger, you CAN'T join this KAL ... am I right?

I am wondering how to unsubscribe too! Please unsubscribe me so that I can go about changing. Thanks.

Sorry for the confusion....to answer your questions:

Angela - Yes, you can still post & the KAL will remain active. You can only stay on as a member if you keep the "old version" of blogger rather then switching to the new one. I am unable to switch this KAL to the new blogger because it's too big. I wish this wasn't the case, but it is, unfortunately.

Jennifer & Agnes- If you want to unsubscribe, please email me the request. Please provide me with the email address that you orgininally joined the KAL with.
Email me at: knottieknitter@hotmail.com

Jennifer- If you unsubscribe & move over to the new blogger, then Blogger will not allow you to re-subscribe b/c we're not apart of the new blogger. So you'll have to choose between "new version" of blogger OR the Mason Dixon KAL. Sucks, I know. I wish it wasn't this way.
Boo Hoo I have switched over to new blogger already... please let me know when I can join again.
Are there any plans to set up a "New" Mason Dixon KAL on the "New" blogger. In otherwords, there would be two KAL's. One on the "old" version & one on the "new" version...so those of us that have switched can still post.
Does that make sense?
i don't mean to sound stupid but i just want to be clear...if we haven't switched to the new blogger and are not planning to then we don't have to do anything. is this right? i am sorry i seem to be so confused. thanks christina!
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Cristina, thanks, as always for all of your hard work on this, it is great for the rest of us (and oh, so easy..)
hmmm...a few weeks ago I requested to be removed from a team blog but was told that could not possibly be my issue with being unable to move to the blogger. After several e mails back and forth I was finally removed, but it did not help my situation any.I still cannot convert to the new blogger. I think it is probably because I am a member of other, large team blogs. Good luck to all trying to switch.
Just an update, once I was actually removed from the larger blog, I could convert to the new blogger.
Lindsey - Yes your, right, you dont have to do anything if your not interested in moving over to the new blog.

Susan - Great idea! If there is someone out there willing to start this - by all means! I think it's a good idea to have the new and old versions so not to exclude anyone.

Stephanie B - your welcome! my pleasure....

Kim - Correct, you cant switch over until you get rid of you memberships to all your large blogs (scraf style KAL is an another example of a large one).
what is involved in running the KAL? depending on the time commitment I might be interested in starting it. I have very limited blogger experience though.
Please unsubscribe me as well!
FYI, you can keep your old blogger account and set up a new blogger account for those blogs that have switched over. I've requested that I be unsubscribed and then reinvited to blogs that have switched over. Not a perfect solution but I have options to sign on to both on my blogger homepage and it really hasn't been that much of an inconvenience.
I switched to the new Blogger about a month ago, and I've still been able to post and comment on the KAL. The only issue is that the new Blogger's features aren't available when I'm on the KAL.

But my other blog was switched successfully so when I post on it, the new features are available. And both blogs are both visible/accessible on the same dashboard - all in the same account.

So I think if you're a current member of the KAL, you can make the switch and you won't "lose" the KAL.
I switched over just now with no problem...I still have all my KAL's.
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