Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The Good and the Bad

Well, I'm having mixed luck with my M-D knitting these days. I'm absolutely loving the Bubbly curtain and having good luck with it so far: very little tinking back, no major screwups (*knocking on wood*). It's coming along rather slowly, both because the Euroflax sportweight on size 5s makes for somewhat slow progress and because I'm comparing my progress here with my lightning-fast progress on a fitted bog jacket done in bulky weight Manos del Uruguay on size 9s. No matter; I really like Bubbly, and plan to make two more: the one you see for the kitchen and the others for the bathroom.

Now the bad: I've frogged my M-D warshrag not once, not twice, but three stinkin' times. I thought this would be a quick and easy way to use up some beautiful Crystal Palace cotton chenille I got in trade and at the same time lay in a small stock of gift-worthy facecloths that I could tie around a pretty bar of soap at a moment's notice as presents.


Attempt #1 saw me mess up the bobbles. The fix I thought I incorporated seamlessly into the next row actually threw off the remainder of the pattern, which I didn't discover until I was into row 8 or 9. I hit the frog pond and immediately cast on again only to discover after about 4 rows that I'd twisted my join. *grrrrrr* I frogged yet again and cast on, joining very carefully this time, and realized at row 15 that I had somehow managed to take a straight join and twist it after the fact. I did frog the cursed mess instead of lobbing it straight out the nearest window, but I didn't have the heart to cast on again. I've memorized the entire freakin' pattern and I still don't have a finished (or even a started) dishcloth! From what I managed to knit up it looks like if I ever get the pattern to work it'll be beautiful, but I just may have to stab myself with a dpn if I screw this up one more time. Here's hoping it doesn't come to that....

Your curtain is coming along beautifully!

I also have frogged the MD Washrag three times. Haven't tried it again, but I will....eventually. It is a beauty!
I too frogged the MD washrag 3 or 4 times before coming up with a success. I was so excited to finally get the bobbles I did them every 12 stitches and couldn't figure out why the pattern was so wonky. I also twisted the join twice and so tangled my yarn in frogging I threw the cursed lump away (Peaches and Cream).

Deep breath. When you're ready to try again I'm sure it will fly off the needles!
You are correct, madame! It does take at least two or three times to get it right. I also thought I could fudge it, and my first one looks o.k., but not quite right. My solution: stitch markers! Place one after each set of stitches(6) and it's much easier to keep track of where you are. Good luck! P.S. I actually pulled one off the needles and kind of threw it out.
I haven't tried that one yet but I will take the advise and use stitch markers when I do!
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