Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy New Year everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year. I've really enjoyed being a part of Mason Dixon KAL!
I'm happy to say I finally was able to find some babies to knit for. I just finished these four bibs to give as gifts in the new year:
Sure wish I had had these for my boys when they were babies! I love the pattern. :) It's such a simple design, but I think they will come in very handy for keeping the babies outfits nice and clean.

happy knitting in 2007 :)


How pretty your bibs are! I have done a green and white variegated, a bright pink, peacock blue and a yellow. They really are fune to do.
Your bibs look great!

I wish I had these back when mine was a baby too.
I love mdk bibs, they work great for my 16 month old daughter(until she pulls them off over her head). Oh well, they do become independent. I also have two older boys, and I really do like these bibs the best of all. They'll still be around long after she's done using them. They don't cost much to make either, you can't beat that, right?!?
What nice bright colors - the babies will love them (and so will their moms)
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