Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Moderne Log Cabin - Knitting Done!

I have finally finished knitting the larger-sized Moderne Log Cabin. Here it is:

Did you notice that I said "finished knitting" vs. finished? That means I still have about a million ends to tuck in. I managed a few yesterday, but then needed to take a break. I will probably really finish this today sometime.

For those of you who are interested, I thought I would share a bit of the details:

First, I scanned the page from the book that showed the color layout. Then after chosing the yarn I wanted to use, I brought the scan into my PaintShop Pro and worked on the scan - making rectangles to overlay and then filling in with colors. I didn't like the original color layout, so I changed it up a bit.

Next was figuring out my gauge and doing the math to determine how to get the correct finished size 50" x 60" out of worsted weight yarn (Cotton Ease).

From the gauge swatch I determined that I was getting 4 stitches and 8 ridges (16 rows) per inch. I then marked up the print of my colored scan so that I would have all the numbers handy.

While I was knitting I kept track of how many stitches I could get out of a whole skein. It came out to approx. 9216 sts per skein. Knowing that, I determined each square total stitch count (stitches x ridges x 2 (because each ridge is 2 rows)) so I could be sure I had enough of each color.

I knit this up leaving the live stitches on the needle instead of binding each rectangle off, and then having to pick up those bound edges. My Denise needles came in really handy here - especially since I had already purchased the additional extra long cables that are sold separately.

Just for the curious, for this large size log cabin in worsted weight it came out to a total of 96,000 stitches - without the i-cord binding calculations.

For the 2 side-by-side squares I had originally went about following the directions, but I thought it looked sloppy, so I tore that all out and knit each one separate. I zipped them up together at the end.

The edge is done with i-cord in the dark blue color. I wish I had flipped it before I started the i-cord so that the raised edge would be on the front vs. the back.

front with i-cord edging

back with i-cord edging

To end, I would make this again and probably will. Another worsted weight but not cotton-ease because I don't have enough to do another and I am not liking the new colors - too pale.

If anybody has questions about my calculations or such, please feel free to email me at shaguirre@comcast.net

Here is a last photo of my dogboy Spencer helping me:

Susan / ZenKnit

WOW.....gorgeous blanket...I am exhausted just reading all your thoughtful prepping of it!
Love dogboy Spencer.....my hound dog- Kramer always loves to lend a paw with any knitting too!
Happy holiday knitting....
i'm amazed that you did so many calculations, (how many stitches to a skein, even!) but it came out great! good job : )
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You are toooooooo kewl!!! And so is the blanket! Great idea about laying it out on the computer first.
Susan - absolutely AMAZING!!! Love your colour choices and thanks so much for the info you provided on how you came up with them.

I stand in awe... particularly since my most recent MDK blanket only contained 72, 012 stitches (mind you, that is minus the I-cord edging... I was starting to get depressed).

Thanks also for the tip re. not binding off between the rectangles but keeping the stitches live instead. I am planning to start a Moderne and think this will lead to a sleeker blanket.

Again, thanks.

What a beautiful blanket. Hopefully, I will start mine soon. Don't you just love how math can help you accomplish you knits!
Wow, that is beautiful, and you are much smarter than I am about figuring out the yarn. Love Spencer, he is too cute. My dog and cat are always "helpful" also!
I love your blanket- and I'll definitely keep your tips handy- thank you and what a great job....
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