Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Dishcloth Poem

I put together baskets of dishcloths, Method Dishsoap, and a bar of holiday soap. The poem reads:

‘Twas the week before Christmas
With much left to do,
But I have to take time
To say thank you to you.

Thank you for
Of my kids you take care
For teaching them things
I would never dare.

Thank you does not
Seem like enough
And I know that you have
Too much ‘teacher stuff’

So I knit you this dishcloth
Added some soap too
To clean dishes and counters and
Places dirty fingers leave goo.

I hope that your new year
Is shiny and bright
That you take time to
Rest each and every night.

Thank you again
for all that you do
My whole family says,
“Merry Christmas and Happy (clean) New Year too!”

Feel free to use it as well!

Excellent dishcloth poem! You rock!
Thank you for composing it. My favourite line: "places dirty fingers leave goo". No doubt this poem will accompany many dishcloth gifts. :D
Love your poem. Will reserve for next year when I get around to making dishcloth gifts!
The poem was so cute. I wish I read this before I sent my kids to school with their teacher presents.
I loved the poem too! I was thinking of giving warshcloths as presents along with some Bath and Bodyworks soap, but wasn't sure that everyone would properly appreciate them (the things I make are like my babies and I want them to go to good homes!)
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