Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Log cabin for Christmas!

Whoohoo! Finished at 2.00 this am in time to catch the last post before Christmas. Frankly, I'm so proud of this - looks so impressive, but is really easy. Can't help delurking and bragging a little - lol!


How long did this take you to complete? What yarn?
Very impressive. You should be very proud!
happy knitting :)
Be still my heart--is it DENIM?

Regardless, it's a stunning composition. Congrats!
That last swooning comment was from me.

xoxo Kay
Fantastic job. A brilliant use of late night knitting hours!
*blush* Thanks so much everyone. I *am* rather proud of it.

*Some* of it is denim (the darker blue), but most of it is mercerised cotton. Which is likely to be interesting when washed, but will tell them to cold wash it - lol! It took about three months tv knitting time ...

Wow! In time for shipping! You rock. Congrats on the beautiful blanket!
very Gee's Bendy, as Kay would say. Gorgeous!
Great accomplishment! Beautiful job, be very happy with your new blankie.
Stunning. I love it! Great job.
A blankie par excellence! I love the colours. I also love mercerised cotton. :-)
That is beautiful. What is the yarn?
Stephanie - it's mercerised cotton and a little bit of denim.

Thanks again you guys!

Have a very merry Christmas and new year (we in the UK take the whole week off for partying!)

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