Sunday, December 17, 2006


Neat and tidy edging for the ballband

A very nice thing happened to me lately...I got an email from Lisa who belongs to the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Yahoo group that I also belong to. She reminded me of her idea of using EZ's applied i-cord technique on the edges of the ballband to make the edges very neat and tidy which was posted here at the Mason-Dixon KAL in August..

Here's a comparison of the three techniques for edging a ballband:The orange/green is the original ballband with no modifications. The blue/purple is the slip first stitch of every row, and the yellow/blue is the applied i-cord. I think you can see the differences.

Thought this was very worthwhile to pass on again in case you didn't happen to see it in August!
It's a good thing :) I have more pictures and the" how to" on my blog if you are interested!

happy knitting :)

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I mean nothing against you, hachuko, but I prefer the original...

I think the i cord edging looks very neat and tidy. I usually slip the first stitch. But this is even nicer. Thanks for the hint :-)

Modifications are always a good thing, they keep things interesting. Of course going back to the original never hurt anyone either. I love the colors on all three cloths!
I like them all - but I'm big on the i-cord edging personally.

I really like the i-cord, too, and have been doing mine that way since Lisa's suggestion in August. :-)
I can see the difference. I was wondering if anyone used the slip first stitch of every row for a smoother edge. I use that for the bibs too and think it gives a much nicer finish. I haven't tried the applied i-cord yet - but it looks good.
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