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I hope someone can help me. I made a large felted box and I washed the box twice in hot water, in a pillowcase and with a pair of jeans and it's not felting. What am I doing wrong?

What kind of yarn did you use?
Lamb's Pride, the one in the book
Try using less water and adding another pair of jeans or an old towel. Some colors need more than one cycle. Use a little detergent.

If that doesn't work, toss it in the dryer for a bit, but check often. And I mean often!! Shape it before it is completely dry.
I felt with my regular wash load ( hot water, detergent and laundry that can be washed in hot water). It usually takes two or three times thru the wash to felt the item. My red one took three times thru a wash load, the other colors usually took two.
Should I still put it in the pillowcase
Use the pillowcase because Lamb's Pride sheds a lot! The pillowcase will help contain the wooly fibers. Those can clog up your washing machine.
what color is the yarn? white or cream does not felt.
When you do get it to felt, know that it won't felt smoothly. Lamb's Pride double-stranded usually won't create a smooth felt. My buttonhole bag still has garter and stockinette details, and I felted it 3 times.
Hello, I am new to blogging but had to answer your question. One of our knitters in the guild had the very same problem. Someone told her to add about a tablespoon of baking soda to the water. She said it worked great.
I use a small squirt of Dawn dishsoap, a pair of jeans and NEVER a towel. It will work into the felting. Hope this works for you. Becky
I kept washing the box in a regular wash load (that I was putting in the dryer so the fuzzies on the other clothes didn't matter) until I got the look I wanted. I used Plymouth Galway and washed 4 times (the biggest box). My kitty Pi bed, on the other hand (same yarn), only took 2 washes.
Thank you to everyone with all of your input. I used a light yellow, I think it's called sun or something like that. It is definately starting to do something because it's not as floppy. I will have to wash it a couple of more times and see how it goes with a tablespoon of baking soda. Thanks again for all the ideas. You guys are great. I will post a picture as soon as I get it done. :)
Brown Sheep also makes a washable Lamb's Pride. Did you pick that up by mistake, maybe?

If not, you can also try "shocking" the fibers by rinsing in cold water. This usually helps the felting process.
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