Monday, December 11, 2006


Peppermint Ballband Tied as a Bow

I'm using some Ballband warshcloths I knit in white and peppermint colored Peaches 'n Creme as bows on little gifts I am giving to some co-workers.

What a cute idea!
Brilliant use of ballband. Love it, love it;)

How cute is that???

You go girl!
That is absolutly adorable!
How totally charming! I would love to receive a gift like that!!
PDC (pretty darn cute)!
Great idea! I will steal it to use with a gift I am sending to Massachusetts.
Fabulous, beautiful, festive... words fail me!
How sweet, really it looks like a treat you could almost eat! Great idea, who ever see's it will want to open your gift first!
cute :)
That is a great idea! So creative!
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