Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ava's Fall Kimono

I made this kimono for my faux grandaughter Ava. I tried to get it up sooner, but the computer was not cooperating! Look at her cute little poochie lip! Sherry

Oh so very cute, both the knitting and the wearer.

Is that ribbon threaded throught the kimono? Did you have to adjust the size?

I love that kimono. It'll make a great keepsake for Ava. She's a cutie, too.
Nope I didnt adjust the size I just got the ribbon to fit! Sherry
Precious! You added a whole new avenue to explore with the Kimono. The buttons & ribbon are the perfect touch!
Great look!
Adorable! Nice touch with the buttons. I've been thinking of making one for my best friend's baby boy (due in April) and trying duplicate stitch on it, but buttons...hmm... :)

Ava's face and her little fists are too cute!
Poochy lips! She's adorable, and your kimono is too!
Adorable baby and very, very sweet kimono. I love the fall colours and the little embellishments.
I love this. What yarn did you use? It doesn't look like P&C. Just adorable (baby & sweater!). --Sally
fabulous! i'm also wondering about the yarn.
It is beautiful, as is its model! Wondering if you could say what gauge yarn and size needle you used. I am making one that I ahve sized up and it still looks too little, particularly the wrists. Thanks! I need to make a few more for upcoming babies!

Beth R.
The color is just amazing! Adorable!! Added bonus - she will grow up loving her baby pictures...
That is one of the nicest orange colors I have seen in a while, do you mind sharing the type of yarn you used and the color?

And of course, the wearer is adorable too!
Whatta gorgeous pumpkin! Such cute embellishment on such a beautiful baby girl. Nothing faux about it: brava!
She's a cutie! Great job on her sweater.
this kimono is so adorable!!
Adorable, love the buttons!!
I love the color and the buttons and the ribbon!
Thanks for all the comments and questions. Sorry I took so long to respond, my daughter is having a baby and we have been working on the nursery! As for the sweater, I used Lion Brand Micro Spun in Mango and size 6 needles. I got mine at Joann Fabrics, its very soft for a baby. Since Ava was not going to be a newborn when I gave her this, I added an inch of knitting to the front, back and sleeves. I am planning on making one for my new grandbaby for Valentines in red with heart buttons!!
I love it. The baby is gorgeous.
lovely work!
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