Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Experience with moda dea cartwheel??

Has anyone used Moda dea Cartwheel 100% wool?

I'm especially interested in how well it felts?? I almost bought some today at a very good price, but put it down. It's has the extremes of thickness. Goes from pretty thick to very thin...almost fingering weight. It is very soft and there are some very pretty colors. Looks home (hand) spun to me. Should I go back and buy some... that is if there is any left? I was thinking of making the felted boxes.

Happy knitting :)


i have felted with this before and i really liked it. i held two strands together so those thin areas blended in better. if i figure out how to post a picture for you i will. i used the pink colorway and it turned out really cute.
Thanks, Lindsey....I went out last night and bought 20 skeins! I was afraid to wait until today. Not my first choice in color for the 12 skeins, but I think it will be good for what I want. Not bad for $1.00 a skein. I think I did well.
I have more info and pictures on my blog.

Happy knitting :)
Hi Hakucho:

Have not used this yarn (or attempted to felt with it). However, it sounds similar to Berrocco Hip Hop which I have felted with great success (and which, I should note, costs a great deal more than $1.00/skein!!).

Sounds like a bargain. Good luck with it!
I have felted with this yarn and it felted great. I did some experimenting with many 100% wool yarns to see which ones felted well. I knitted a swatch and then a little coin purse which turned out pretty small after felting. I used the brown colorway (which has some other pretty colors mixed in) and after felting, the colors all blended together and looked a little faded. I'm sure it will work great for your project, especially at that price!
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