Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Log cabin blanket border

How on earth do I knit a border for my 9 square blanket? I'm on square 7 and am already future-tripping about the border. I don't have a 834" circular so how do I do it? Help!

You can read about it at

It's easy to do it one edge at a time. See the recipe for the border on page 75 of the book. You can also do it on a circular, in the round, but I've found it irritating to have to keep switching the whole blanket around, keeping the yarn from getting tangled/stuck etc. So I do mine one edge at a time. You can also just do a log-cabin border, one edge at a time. xox Kay
You mean I have to pull the book out? Gasp!

Der, why didn't I think of that?! One of those Homer Simpson 'DOH!' moments. Thanks for reminding me!
I am doing an applied i-cord on my log cabin blanket. (photos on my blog at I am using super long circulars, picking up one whole edge at a time, but with the applied i-cord you can just pick up stitches as you go. Check out the i-cord edge tutorial on if you need a direct link, just let me know.
I think this blog is being spammed.

Thanks for the info on borders, I had a doh moment myself.
I did the border on mine log-cabin style, one edge at a time. It was just like the rest of the blanket, except all four edges were the same color.
Susan's idea about the applied Icord is great. I just did a cardigan with this border and it looks fabulous.

Also: although it's not knitting, I find a crocheted border can look very good. I use a hook 1/2 mm smaller than the knitting needle size and use half-double crochet (one round or two depending on your preference).
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